Blue Bottle Corner – 3

Blue Bottle Corner - 3

It’s hot in San Francisco. Time for a New Orleans Style Iced Coffee at Blue Bottle.

I was struck by how the sun, at it’s late afternoon/early evening angle, was creating such a stark contrast between two adjacent sides of the building.

One thing I miss about my old Canon point-n-shoot was the various metering functions it had. Specifically, in one mode, I was able to lock in the exposure by pointing the center of the frame at the spot in the scene for which I wanted to meter then hit a button. This is not an option on the new Lumix. In fact, metering on the Lumix is a bit of a mystery, as I have not found mention of the method by which exposure is set i.e. spot, multi-spot, etc. (my guess is that it is a multi-spot system).

The Lumix compensates (literally) by letting one “push” the sensitivity by two steps in either direction both manually and in bracketing mode. This, so far, makes up a bit, for the loss of my beloved Canon’s flexibility in the metering area but does not yet seem as intuitive to me.

But I’m getting used to it.


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