Wallenford Estate JBM

Wallenford Estate JBM (on flickr)

What I’m Drinking Now: Blue Bottle’s Wallenford Estate, Jamaica Blue Mountain.

How can a coffee be so carmelly sweet and rich, so smooth, so mellow with one of the most pleasurably lingering finishes I have yet experienced? Could it be because it cost me $21 for a half pound?

Not that price correlates with flavor as a rule. Sometimes things are expensive simply as a reult of limited supply. Both Jamaica Blue Mountain and Kona are excellent examples of this. Both can only be authentically procured from extremely limited geographical confines so supplies are low and prices are high.

This does not mean that everything with the name Kona or Jamaica Blue Mountain should be considered exemplary in terms of quality. As price and flavor lack correlation so does location and quality. Coffee is an agricultural product and one should not make the mistake of failing to factor in the skill of the farmer and/or the quality of the land on which an agricultural product is grown in considering it’s quality.

Blue Bottle coffee in San Francisco offered up a batch of Jamaica Blue Mountain. It’s the largest single amount of money I have ever spent on a bag of coffee beans and I felt, ever so slightly, like an elitist chump throwing down that kind of money for a half pound. But I put my faith in the talents and skills of whomever it is that is in charge of bean selection at Blue Bottle and I was not let down. The rumpled, rapidly emptying bag tells the story. This is good coffee.


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