WIDN: Niyarita


Honestly. Before I picked up this bag, I truly meant to go somewhere else. After all, it seems all anyone ever reads here – at least where it concerns coffee – is “Blue Bottle, Blue Bottle, Blue Bottle“. Broken record. So Sorry.

Actually, I intended to make my way over to the new kid in town The Mission – Four Barrel, just recently out of their alley spot – if, for no other reason, than to take advantage of the opportunity to pick up a bag of beans selected and roasted by those native sons of the Northwest – Stumptown – without having to pay shipping costs (cheap bastard, I know and, yeah, for the moment, Four Barrel is, indeed, using Stumptown beans).

But, here we are again, looking at a picture of a bag from Blue Bottle and, as is usual, they are unique and incredibly tasty. Nayarita is from Mexico is a dry processed bean (unusual for a South/Central American) and so keeps a wonderful berry flavor and aroma that is usually only found in African beans. At the same time there is the same earthiness that I have found in the only other Mexican I’ve tasted – Taylor Made’s Zaragoza – as well as the same mellow acidity. So, a smooth, subtly earthy cup accented by the delicate berry flavor brought on by the dry processing.

This is, after all, one of the things I love about Blue Bottle: you are not likely to find this on their site. You have to go into the store where — ta-da! — you are presented with a wonderful surprise. Something you have never had before and might not ever have again. Another stellar cup of coffee from BB.

But, I promise, I will pick another roaster next time … really.


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