Almost There

As it appears I have become a de facto town crier, of sorts, self-charged with keeping the Eater SF readership apprised of the progress Four Barrel is making towards the commencement of the roasting side of it’s business four-barrel-roaster-composite(case 1, case 2), I could not help but snap a quick photo, the other morning, when I stopped in to the nascent Mission café for a cappuccino, a pumpkin & chocolate chip donut and a bag of beans (more, on that bag of beans, later, of course).

This time I even talked to an honest-to-goodness human being about the time frame 4B is looking at for getting this beast up and running. “Very close”, is the answer I received from the man on the other side of the back counter (utilizing my razor sharp powers of perception I quickly made the determination, since he was on the other side of the counter from where the customers were standing, that he must have kind some authority on the matter).

By the time you read this they should have the gas and electric hooked up. Who knows, by the next time you walk on in to Four Barrel for your morning — or afternoon, for that matter … or evening — pick-me-up, the air might just be smelling a little sweeter.


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