Brewed elsewhere

  • Heads Up – Where Tokyo Grabs a Coffee – Yet another "best of" link. The New York Times lists what it finds to be the best coffee in Tokyo (via MSC).
  • Latte porn – Rate-able latte art porn. Another way to wastefully away the hours…or not (via The Food Section).
  • For Good Espresso, Insist on Arabica – At The Atlantic, Peet's Jerry Baldwin weighs in on the question of weather robusta – traditionally used in Europe – should be used as a component of espresso blends.
  • Coffee Analytics – Jeffrey Warren's Flickr photo set, "Coffee Anaytics" — "A project mapping the flow of coffee on global, urban, local, architectural, biological, and personal scales." — from his blog, Unterbahn.
  • Is coffee really acidic? – In which Korina Felkers, of, illuminates the difference between PH acidity and flavor acidity.

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