Taken on Telegraph Ave. in Oakland.

Remedy is a new café opening, according to its owner, in “around six or seven weeks”. They are serving coffees from Ritual.

Currently, the café consists of this little cart out front (à la Four Barrel and Sightglass both of whom kept or keep a cart as an ad hoc pre-café before the opening of their proper cafés) of their space containing an espresso and a Clover machine. In the window of the building is a distinctive and quite large question mark that, as I can attest, does a great job of attracting interest from passers by.

“On tap”, as it were, at the Remedy cart are a small selection of Ritual coffees, all of which are available on the Clover and one of which (currently, I beleive, Ritual’s High Striker seasonal espresso blend) is available on the espresso machine.

On my initial visit I partook of a Clover’d cup of the Daterra Sweet Blue from Brasil. Beautiful cup: sweet (as you might expect), hints of cola, Red Vines and milk chocolate, full bodied. Very nice.


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