Brazilian Blue

No, I’m not sad. Not at all. How could I be with a coffee like this in my pot every morning? It’s Ritual Roasters’ Daterra Sweet Blue.

Sweet blue

The fragrance of the freshly ground coffee? Peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches (yeah, I said PB&J).

I brewed the Daterra two ways: press-pot and Chemex.

In the Chemex, as always the aroma during the pour-over is especially intense. More intense than in any other preparation. Aromas during the poor in the Chemex were of sassafrass (yeah, I said sassafrass). In the cup it was sweet and smooth but a little boring. In the press-pot, on the other hand, things became a little more interesting.

The press-pot brought a lot more complexity to the table. Cranberry. Cola. Cherry. Hazelnut. Cardamom. Thick, round and sweet with a still light but lively acidity. Now, that’s better.

I can’t find this coffee on Ritual’s website but the next time you find yourself in the Mission, take a gander at the shelves. Maybe you’ll get lucky.


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