Hermosa Reserva

[…] so freakin complex it will make you swoon

Indeed. “[…] so freakin complex”, in fact that this single-origin coffee could have easily passed for a blend in a blind tasting. I picked up the bag of Reserva from my local Whole Foods after a long stint of Africans and Indonesians. I couldn’t have picked a better return to the continent.

The notes, such as they are:

  • butter and sweet (butterscotch)
  • rich
  • integrated flavors
  • rasberry

The paucity of notes should not throw up any red flags for you but, in fact, stands in direct opposition to the sheer amount of flavors present in a cup of the Reserva. The note on “integrated flavors”? My feeble attempt at reflecting the numerous and varied flavors that that made up the cup of this elegant, rich and complex coffee.

As a challenge, I decided to refrain from looking at Barefoot Coffee’s tasting notes before I created some of my own. And what a challenge it was. So nuanced, so well balanced, so well integrated, were the flavors that I had a difficult time connecting everything my palette was encountering to an appropriate volume of words such that I thought I was doing the Reserva justice – Maybe it’s time for some more education – and so, the list above. On the other hand, I didn’t have a difficult time enjoying it.

I prepared the Reserva both in the press-pot and the Chemex. The press-pot brought out the sweetness (butterscotch), while the Chemex highlighted just how balanced this coffee is. I can’t recommend one prep over the other, it shines either way.


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