Rumors of my demise…

To be honest, I don’t know if there are any rumors of my demise – or at least of the demise of Daniel of Arabica – swirling around out there (I assume not). It’s a perennially catchy title, though.

I thought I would post this to let anyone who passes by on occasion, looking for something to read know that, indeed, Daniel of Arabica is still alive. Life sometimes has its way of sucking out any free time one has and it has been supremely efficient at doing just that but if I’m breathing you can rest assured I’m still brewin’ ‘n’ drinkin’.

But writin’? Soon. Very soon.

There are at least a few posts that I feel obliated to write…

  • one on my dialing my brewing parameters on the Clever
  • Another on the wonderful coffees I was sent by De La Paz
  • A post that addresses the issues and concerns I had surrounding from whom, or even weather, I should be accepting coffee gifts and how the De La Paz situation happened so natrually
  • And finally a Tasting Note on the wonderful Aida’s Grand Reserve I had shipped over from Square Mile in London

I know, I know: I’d better get crackin’

So, really, as altruistic as I am making this sound, it is just as possible that the words you are reading are as much about appeasing my guilt as they are about keeping you informed. I repent.

So, I’ll see you right here, at this spot, in juuuust a little bit.

In other news, my significant other and I recently had a coffee break with Mr. Man Seeking Coffee at downtown Oakland’s stellar Modern Coffee. Each one of the three Western Regional Barista Competition competitor’s coffees from Verve Coffee Roasters has taken a turn in Modern’s grinders of late and so it was a perfect opportunity to meet and share an espresso with the man behind the magnifying glass, the person with which I had had so many Twitter conversations but had never met in person. Short story: great espresso and great conversation with one who is more than just a man obsessed with coffee and espresso.

Daniel of Arabica. Signing out…for now…


3 thoughts on “Rumors of my demise…

  1. As a matter of fact, the tweet I fired off to you letting you know I was going to post an article on my Clever experience is exactly what I was thinking of when I was writing this post. Thanks for your patience.

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