V60: first impressions

I picked up a Hario V60 pour-over dripper last week. A few initial observations:

  • It strikes me that the V60 is, in a way, the Slayer of drip methods. Let me explain. Two words: infinite adjusability. Now, to be honest, I’m not an expert on the Slayer (or, for that matter, any espresso machine) but from what I understand one of the key features of the Slayer is the amount of control it affords the barista over a whole host of parameters: pressure, flow rate, temperature, etc., etc., etc. I have found that the V60 is incredibly sensitive to flow rate, grind size and dose, more so than the other methods I’ve used. Change any one of those and you can get a distinctly different brew.
  • This sensitivity, I think, comes from the free-flowing nature of the device: very thin, highly porous filters coupled with a wide and extremely non-restrictive aperture means that most of the work of trapping and holding the water with the grinds is being done by the grind and the flow-rate of the pour.
  • Speaking of the filters, I don’t think there is a paper filter I’ve used that contributes as little to the flavor of the cup as those that are used in the V60. Awesome. I don’t know how they do it and I don’t care.
  • That red base/handle is sexy and the name, Hario V60, well, it just sounds … cool.

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