I​c​e​d​ ​H​a​r​i​o​ & the DJ cone spin

Thanks to Mr. Bradley Allen for linking – à la his Twitter – to Barefoot Coffee’s method of brewing up single-serving cups of iced coffee off the Hario V60. I have a soft-spot for anyone who gives iced coffee its due as a
respectable and delicious way to imbibe high quality coffee on a hot
summer day. Brewed properly and using the right coffee it’s absolutely
delicious and certainly pays respect to the bean.

It’s the “brewed properly” part of the equation that I expect will be
debated between the various purveyors and fans of good coffee. As
expected. May the best method win. I’ve been a fan of cold-brew but
I’m open.

I have yet to attempt Barefoot’s method but when I do I’ll make every
attempt at divulging the details of my experience either here and/or
via my Twitter-stream.

Now if I could only find out what a “DJ cone spin” is, then my life might be complete.