Wherin Gimme! Coffee (@gimmecoffee) pens the most eloquent explanation yet, on why you shouldn’t care about roast level

Gimme! Coffee in New York is changing the way they express the flavor characteristics of their coffees, moving away from displaying roast level and toward explaining the unique and inherent flavors of each of their coffees.

I commend them on taking this kind of a risk. This is a major change in how they communicate to their customers. For a lot of people they might as well be announcing they’ll exclusively be speaking French in their stores from here on out.

In the interest of making this change as easy as possible for their customers, Gimme! has written an explanation on their website that lays out their reasons for making the change. In the process, they’ve produced, what I think is probably the most well written explanation I have ever read — cogent, clear, simple without being simplistic — on how the traditional binary consumer gauge for picking coffee — roast level, i.e. “light” or “dark” — is fundamentally flawed.

So worth a read in so many ways: “End Roast Profiling… Start Profile Roasting”