The last bag of Rwanda + pastries @Sightglass

I Just wanted to thank Justin of Sightglass coffee for going that extra mile and retrieving the last bag of Rwanda Dukunde Kawa Musasa. This week’s early Friday morning is lookin’ up.

Also — surprise — it appears Sightglass has pastries. They are presented, of course, in inimitable style, in a seemingly custom built case that looks as if it might have otherwise been nabbed at a rural estate sale. Rustic.

The bakery is one of which I have not heard: Tell Tale. I had a chard and leek “pop-tart” and Tom (@MaximumGrindage on Twitter) had the (and I may be getting this wrong) sweet coffee and bourbon bun. “The best thing I’ve ever eaten”, is what I think he said. Yeah, high praise indeed.