The last of the @barefootcoffee Santa Marta

The last of this smoky, tangy, BBQ’d fruit beauty hit the Chemex for the first time this morning. My thoughts?

I should have done this sooner.

So much fruit, lightly structured, with a slightly viscous body

It was very much same in the V60, only the bass notes — the richness of the fruit, the intensity of the smokiness — were fuller and rounder, all the more to undergird the El Salvador’s signature tang. In the V60 it was the main course at a backyard BBQ. In the Chemex it was dessert. This is not to say we’re talking liquid smoke. No, no, no. Far more subtle. Far more. It was part of the whole. It’s always dangerous when you start talking about smokiness. Just to be clear. Moving on…

Here in “The Lab” I have, at my disposal, three pour-over drip devices: a Chemex, a V60 and a Clever (is a Clever really pour-over? … mmm…).

My advice? Skip the Clever and use the V60 or the Chemex, flat-bed, circular pour. We’re talking the V60 here for this technique and we’re talking “flat-bed” and circular versus “pre-coning” the grounds and pouring slowly in the center. That worked wonders for a Sightglass Rwanda I was messing with a short time back (much thanks to @worstofthewurst) but for this El Sal, the “flat bed” technique left the higher notes hefting the load while some of the richer fruit and body went AWOL. Good stuff. And from my hometown, no less.