cleanhotdry goes to Onyx

cleanhotdry is one of my favorite coffee sites. Its mix of beautiful photography and well chosen prose is ideal – lots of the former, economical use of the latter. I am especially fond of their pieces inspired by trips to visit a particular coffee bar. They visit, they photograph, they talk, they write. The result is an intimate portrait, in text and images, of a particular shop and the people who make it what it is.

Recently, the cleanhotdry folks visited a new coffee bar in Bellingham, Washington, that goes by the name Onyx, that was created, in part, through a novel approach to the practice of consumer polling. The result is a courageously focused shop, one that is highly reminiscent of a certain short-lived London coffee bar you may have heard of. It’s still a rarely realized retail coffee concept, one that possess a magnetic pull for me.

Thanks a lot, cleanhotdry, now I need to add another stop on my fantasy coffee tour of the Pacific Northwest.


2 thoughts on “cleanhotdry goes to Onyx

    1. Why thank you. Love your blog as well. Beautiful photographs. Your posts on specific coffee bars make me feel almost like I was there myself.

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