De La Paz + Farley’s

Great news travels fast in the Twitter-sphere (OK, any news travels fast in the Twitter-sphere) and I just received word (hat tip to @jo and @matthew_machine) that Farley’s is going to be a wholesale customer of De La Paz Coffee Roasters. Great news indeed.

Farley’s was started in 1989 in the Potrero Hill neighborhood in San Francisco. Two more locations in the East Bay, — one in Emeryville and another in The Uptown district in Oakland — have since been added to the collection.

De La Paz sprang to life in 2006 in the Mission district of San Francisco and recently, they’ve expanded by adding a retail espresso bar in San Francisco as well1. It’s not completely finished but you can enjoy coffee and espresso out front, from their cart Fridays from 8am-1pm2.

I love Farley’s despite it’s historically sub-standard coffee. Now I can love them without hesitation. I’ve always been impressed with what the staff at the Oakland Farley’s could do with what they had. Now, it should be stellar.

Congrats to both De La Paz and Farley’s.


  1. I thought it had already opened but, according to their website it has yet to open its doors. I’ve got my feelers out

  2. Updated info about the progress of their coffee bar after receiving accurate information. 


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