Sightglass’s Guatemala Finca Rosma


Ready for it? One breath. Go: Guatemala Finca Rosma.

Rrrroooolls off the tongue. Rolls onto it as well.

This coffee from Sightglass came highly recommended by the wonderful folks at Modern Coffee in Oakland, Ca., where it was apparently brought in by one of Sightglass’s SF competitors. Yeah, they liked it that much.

Chemex and V60

Chemex? Meh. V60? Yeah. Not enough acidity to shine in the Chemex, I think. Falls a little flat for me. But, in the V60 its sweetness really shines—a full, round sweetness. Earthy sweet.

The AeroPress

The Rosma’s profile in the AeroPress could be thought of as a sort of combination of those found in the Chemex and the V60. The acidty zzzzing that comes through when made in the V60 is fairly muted but not as much as when brewed through the Chemex. The Chemex killed it. The AeroPress just hides it somewhat behind a big, round sweetness made up of tobacco and wood with a little blip of vegetalness (probably not a word) and a pleasantly viscous mouthfeel.

Wrap it up…

If all you’ve got is a Chemex at home, I might look for something that has a little more liveliness but if you’ve got anything else—from a cone to an AeroPress—I say go for it.

Find out more about this coffee—and buy it too—at Sightlgass’s website.



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