Intelligentsia’s Colombia Finca Santuario Bourbon Micro-lot

Intelligentsia Colombia Finca Santuario Micro-lot

Colombias seem to be very good right now. Tonx had a tasty one a little ways back and this morning I had another fine  example in Intelligentsia’s Finca Santuario Micro-lot.

I made my way over to the only reputable coffee bar in Pasadena, Intelligentsia, and ordered a cup (and carafe, of course—there’s no way out of it) of the Finca Santuario.

Tastes like…

Chicken, of course … just kidding. Prepared in a V60, it was juicy without being tangy and punch-like and the word that came to mind was licorice. Black licorice. Or maybe anise but with a sweetness that wasn’t quite molasses but not white sugar. Caramelized anise? Yeah, that sounds good. It was a full, hefty sweetness, not round but concentrated.

Awesome mouthfeel and a pleasant after-taste as well.

With that sweetness, I wonder what it might be like out of the Chemex. Think they would humor me? If they do, you’ll hear about it here.

Pasadena, anyone?

Oh, and will somebody please fix Pasadena up with another decent coffee bar? It’s like a desert out here with but a single expensive oasis.


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