Tonx’s new Colombia Huila in the V60


Full name: Colombia Huila, Los Naranjos Co-op, Fly-crop Harvest

Maybe I’m biased—tis the season and I love the season—but I think Tonx has a perfect coffee for the holidays on their hands.

The premiere brew

Their latest coffee shipment is tasting great out of the v60o. True to Tonx’s stated intent, sweetness prevails in the cup. But I’m also of the mind to say that there is some subtle spiciness happening as well: cloves and cinnamon. Nothing is overpowering at all—not the sweetness, not the spice. Balance and harmony. Zen coffee.

For the nerd inside you:This first cup was brewed on the V60 using my normal, quite fine grind (a little finer than I use for a normal cone filter), a 1 minute pre-infusion, a little swirl on the pour in the beginning to integrate the water and the grinds but after that, slow and straight into the center.

More as the brewing progresses…


One thought on “Tonx’s new Colombia Huila in the V60

  1. doing the same thing right now (v60 of the huila los naranjos). the sweetness is so great. the comfort of this coffee reminds me of apple cider. also, i love your blog/instagrams. keep up the good work.

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