Handsome & WoodSmithe — a video

pic of Tyler
pic of Nathanael
Video: Handsome Coffee + WoodSmithe by WoodSmithe

We create physical objects to communicate brand values.

— Nathanael Balon of WoodSmithe

Beautiful short film—and beautifully co-branded piece of marketing—by WoodSmithe, on their collaboration with Handsome Coffee Roasters in the creation of Handsome’s gorgeous flagship coffee bar and roastworks in the arts district of downtown Los Angeles.

I’ve taken a couple casual tours of the place in its unfinished state and even then, was charmed by the details—the engraved wood tiling in the hall leading from the warehouse to the retail space, the polished concrete floors, and the wall of steel reinforced glass separating the roasting room from the serving area (at once, from the patron’s point of view, open and inviting, but closed and emblematic of the business-like nature of the space behind it)—but I’m excited to see the finished piece.

// Via @drawcoffee