Brewer’s log: Sightglass’s Colombia El Altico, Robuan Cuellar–Trujillo

The bag of El Altico, straight from the register

A blast from my recent past — a reminder our life in the San Francisco Bay Area — and of how much I’ve written here, about Sightglass. Courtesy of Downtown LA’s Coffee Bar LA.

The grounds

Anise. And something sweet, savory, and roasted.

The best

This was a nearly indestructible coffee. There was only one place it seemed to die — the Chemex. I couldn’t get a good cup out of it in that brewer. Maybe with two pounds…

Surprisingly, the AeroPress produced some of the best cups of the El Altico. I say surprising, because, historically the AeroPress has never produced the best cup go any coffee I’ve made.

It’s a beautiful coffee. One of my favorites of this year.

Brew method: AeroPress • Brew ratio: 13:1 = 355:27

Grind: between fine and medium on the Capresso Infiniti • Temp 96° C • Time: 2:45

Creamy orange peel on toast with roasted green veggies (I dunnow, let’s say chard).

I know I risk alienating some people with these green veggie claims. But they’re not a negative. You’ll know when they’re a negative.

One of the best cups made from this bag. And I did it twice. Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Beautiful cup.

Brew method: V60 • Brew ratio: 13:1 = 355:27

Grind: the notch on the Capresso Infiniti between extra fine and fine • Temp: 96°C • Time: 3:16 (includes 1:00 preinfuse)

Green. Vegetal. Cinnamon. It’s sweet and sour. Not like a movie-theatre-bin-sour-candy, more like a tamarind sweet.