Coava & Reinelio Lopez’s Colombia El Jardin

Coava & Reinelio Lopez's Colombia El Jardin

The best

Brew method: AeroPress (inverted method) • Brew ratio: 13:1

247g:18g • Grind: btw. “Medium” and “Fine” on the Capresso Infiniti • Temp: 95°C • Time: 3:36

Even though there is still that signature AeroPress muddiness — similar to in the press pot, it can kill a lot of the high end.1 — there is still more depth in this than the majority of my AeroPress brews. Dark chocolate. Black pepper.

Brew method: V60 • Brew ratio: 13:1

444:32 • Grind: 1st fine on the Capresso Infiniti • Temp: 95°C • Time: 2:56 (includes 1:00 preinfuse)

A sweet-spot has been reached in the V60. Finally. The bag is almost empty.

Tangy. Spicy (cinnamon and clove). Dark cocoa. All of it muted and cohesive with not a single aspect ruling over another: “smooth” in its own way.

  1. …seems like that’s the way it goes roughly ninety percent of the time in the AeroPress — it takes a coffee with an extraordinarily defined and exemplary structured flavor profile to shine in the AeroPress. And you don’t come across those every day.