Brewer’s Log: Tonx and Buena Vista Mill’s “Bangin’” Bolivia

Bangin' Bolivia!

Friends! … Who love coffee! … Who send me coffee!

Love it.

This edition of Brewer’s Log goes out to @jo for her generous, completely unsolicited, and quite timely gift of a bag of beans — Tonx Coffee‘s “Bangin’ Bolivia”.

The Skinny

I’ve mostly pulled away from the daily-update style of posting these Brewer’s Log pieces but I have to say that this morning’s batch, while not destined to be the best, I predict, was certainly noteworthy. It turned out to be quite the concentrated brew…

Brew method: V60 • Brew ratio: 13:1

450g:37g • Grind: 1st “fine” on the Capresso Infiniti • Temp: (…not really sure, 1:30 off the boil) • Time: 3:19 (includes 1:00 preinfuse)

Notwithstanding any possible goofs on my part (I did just come back from a Vegas bachelor party weekend — recovery time required1) my inaugural with this coffee was brewed at my usual starting point ratio of 13:1 (water to coffee).

Good lord. It was thick.

Too thick. Delicious — sweet and clean at its core — but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that its intensity was overshadowing some subtleties that I want to taste.

This would be the first time that a 13:1 ratio extracted this much flavor out of a coffee. Scale-back time. 14:1? 15:1?


Brew method: V60 • Brew ratio: 15:1 • 450g H2O • 1st “Fine” on the Capresso

15:1. Fifteen…to one. It’s never worked before.

A 15:1 ratio usually means a weak, dilute, wretched brew. Under-extracted grounds. Brown water, really. Not pretty and not tasty. Maybe I’d do it to make a point. Never would I have gone that high a water to coffee ratio for personal enjoyment. Until now.

Maybe this is what “Bangin'” means. An adjective denoting strength and heightened extractability. If so, there has never been a more bangin’ bag of coffee to roll through the (extremely technically advanced) DofA Labs™. I’ll know for next time.

Flavors that my wife and I enjoyed: citrus, burnt sugar, wood. A very forthright and concentrated coffee. Sweet and highly articulated flavors just like the Tonx boys like it.

  1. The question does present itself: should I even be writing this?