Verve’s (@Vervecoffee) New Label Guide

Excellent general infographic for explaining each facet of Verve’s coffee bag labels.


Via Twitter, @terroirism asks

@danielofarabica while I approve, I do have to raise the question: does the addition of cultivar increase consumer awareness/drinking?

For most people I think it’s just info for info’s sake. I can’t imagine anyone but the most. intrepid. customer. taking the time to do the comparative tasting necessary to tell the difference between the various cultivars.

And besides, isn’t there still some debate as to what the definitive influence of cultivar is, especially when compared to terroir, processing, etc?

You could also argue that including cultivar — especially cultivar — leans toward marketing more than anything else. Which I’m not sure I have a problem with. People love a story (just ask Michael Pollan). Cultivar could simply be considered another plot point.

So yeah, I agree that you could argue they’ve put too much info on the label. What I love about it is how well it was done.

Then again, how much info is too much info, and how should that limit be judged? By how potentially useful it is, or by how well it’s presented?

Verve’s (@Vervecoffee) New Label Guide