De La Paz Costa Rica “Salaca: Dos Pinos Microlot” Cold Brew VS. Pour-over iced

The Cold-brew measurements…

  • 1500g h2O
  • 150g coffee
  • 1st “Coarse” (Capresso Infiniti)

In the fridge. To be continued…

Meh. As a cold-brew (as laid out above) — flat, unpleasant “filmy” texture.

But as a pour-over (née “the Japanese iced method”), it’s delicious.

The Pour-over measurements…

13:1 ratio, just like a hot batch, but split 60/40, water/ice.

  • 270g water
  • 180g ice
  • 35g coffee ground as I would normally for this size v60 — 1st “fine” on my Capresso Infiniti
  • stir gently as it drains

Much more flavorful — crisp and sweet.

I have made spectacular cold-brew before. I just have not been able to repeat it.