Gear for making great coffee

The Wirecutter knows coffee…

On the “best” method of making coffee:

There is no one “best” method of making coffee. So, there is no best gear for making coffee. […] (That said, pod machines are truly awful.)

On the preeminence of getting ahold of a good grinder…

First off, whether you brew with an Aeropress, French Press, Chemex or Clever, you’re going to spend more money on a grinder than the actual brewing gear. And that’s okay, because it’s the most important piece of coffee gear you’ll own

On the bulk of home auto-drip machines…

Nearly all common home machines often only hit around 180 or less. So the coffee they make sucks

Rrrright? The Wirecutter gets it.

Which is surprising considering it’s a gadget site. Wait, maybe that’s not so surprising. We coffee types do love our gadgets after all (don’t try to deny it, just look at your cupboard).

And that’s why a gadget site is getting on the list. On a coffee site.

Gear for making great coffee