Money quotes from @dcily’s Hario Drip Scale review

Hario has a new product on the market — a scale. With a timer. Built in.


Not impressed? How do I know you, again?

Anywho, Dear Coffee I Love You (a favorite site of mine) gives it a review. I’ll let you read it for the bottom-line (I’m sticking with my trusty IKEA ORDNING for right now1) but I especially loved a couple bits:

Hario knows its market (damn you!)…

Best of all, [because of the integrated timer,] you no longer need to lay your smartphone below a stream of water (freeing it up to take photos for Instagram).

And a witty, topical reference…

However, if money isn’t an issue and you feel the need to brew with [the also-reviewed] stand, go all in like Petraeus.

I do appreciate me some witty, self-aware prose.

  1. I’m not yelling, that’s just how they roll in IKEA-land: in all-caps.