A too-short stop today at Single Origin, brought on by their tweet-out that they were serving up their Verve exclusive, El Salvador La Cuestona López.

One mach, a one-n-fun, and a cap. Not all for me.

Tasting notes from around the table… dark chocolate (capp) … celery (mach) … some sort of tropical punch thing (esp) … butterscotch candy (mach)1.

Nicely presented as well. Thanks!

  1. Upon saying this, my table-mates, mouths agape, and eyes wide, said, “did you say ‘butt-scratch candy’?!” A good laugh was had by all. Later, at Sur la Table, via a demo unit operated by a well-meaning salesperson, we actually were served an espresso that had notes of butt-scratch candy. So it was just foreshadowing.