What Is A Coffee Ambush?


The Coffee Ambush is where I go into a business, to the surprise of everyone except the one person I organize it with, and I brew coffee for them with the Clever Dripper for the morning. I created the Coffee Ambush as a way to do three things:

1. To get delicious Batdorf & Bronson Coffee in the mouths of lots more people. We roast some dang good coffee, and I want more and more people to see how tasty it is, especially in comparison to the fast food coffee most of them drink.

2. To introduce a lot more folks to what specialty coffee is, and show how much better it can be.

3. To have fun, getting out in the community and meeting a lot of great people who love coffee, and to show them how cool brewing coffee at home can be.

What a great idea. Here’s the latest ambush, of the Cartoon Network offices.

What Is A Coffee Ambush?