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Cappucino at Blue Bottle in the Ferry Building

Cappucino at Blue Bottle in the San Francisco Ferry Building

“Retrofit” espresso blend (did you know they use a different espresso blend at each of their locations?) in one of the “for here” Heath Ceramics cups. Stylish. Smooth. Tasty.


Ritual Refelction – 3

Ritual Refelction - 3

I am lucky.

On my last trip to Ritual Roasters, in The Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, I bought a bag of the Cup of Excellence winner, El Salvador Finca Matalapa and re-connected with an aquaintence I made through Ecco Café a long time ago. He was nice enough to grant me access to a fresher batch of the Matalapa and also, upon inquiring as to what his favorite coffee of the moment was, handed me a bag of their Finca Mareno, Santa Barbara, Honduras.

Like I said, I’m lucky.

I’m enjoying both and promised feedback, which I intend to give as soon as I am able.