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Life's Little Luxuries

Call me an elitist or a sell-out, but I’ve come to love life’s little luxuries like chairs, tables and bathrooms […] // manseekingcoffee

From the mysterious “manseekingcoffee”, on his excellent blog of name same, from his review of the (fairly) recently de-funkified (no more alley location!) Four Barrel Coffee in The Mission in San Francisco.

Of note: Four Barrel is owned and operated by a Ritual alum and, like Ritual’s early days, serves Stumptown coffee. That, my friends, is going to save me an untold amount of shipping costs (and/or airfare, for that matter) in my continuing quest to fill out this blog’s “What I’m Drinking Now” section. Amen to that.


A new buzz

My feeling is, there are already enough places where you can get a cinnamon latte and a muffin wrapped in plastic. Why would I want to build another one of those? // James Freeman

From an article in San Francisco Magazine entitled A new buzz.

Mr. Freeman is the owner of Blue Bottle Coffee out of Oakland, CA. He recently opened a new café — to add to the kiosk in Hayes Valley — off of Market street in San Francisco.