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East Bay coffee FTW

In case you hadn’t heard, the East Bay is a great place to get coffee

Hat tip: @jo


Pour-over in Pasadena

Intelligentsia Pasadena’s “Red Arrow” and a Mexican pearl


Two stand out coffees right now, at Intelligetsia Pasadena: La Perla de Oaxaca — an organic coffee from Mexico — and Flecha Roja from Costa Rica. Both on the pour-over.

Both are brewing sweet and clean, with the former displaying a rustic, almost savory, smoky sweetness with a cling-to-the-tongue body and the latter just being its juicy, juicy self — pleasantly fruit-sweet and a little dance-y on the tongue.

Yep, I said “dance-y”.

RIP Intelligentsia’s food program

A heartfelt bye-bye to Intelligentsia’s consistently scrumptious food offerings and a welcome to an expanded pastry and wine program


RIP Intelligentsia’s food program.

RIPx2 their absolutely rich and delicious pecan-crusted fried chicken and waffle magnificence — you’re crispy-sweet crust and juicy flesh will be missed.

I’m sorry if you din’t get a chance to chow down on the richest, juiciest fried chicken I’ve had in Los Angeles. The waffle was great but it didn’t stand a chance against that chicken. It was (ironically) just it’s wing-man.

Everything we had there was awesome actually and it was all made in-house.

A moment of silence…

Cheese & Charcuterie

The only food menu you are going to see is a two-choice menu: a cheese plate and a charcuterie plate. I’ve yet to try either of them.


At the back bar you’ve still got a nicely curated selection of beer to choose from but they’ve also put some additional effort into the selection of a small number (maybe ten) of wines.

More pastries!

To offset the lack of more hearty food options, Intelli Pasadena has increased the variety of pastries it carries. They’re from a local bakery called Short Cake.

What I’ve liked so far: the miniature apple pies, (perfectly spiced and juuuust sweet enough), the twice-baked hazelnut croissant (think those ridiculously sweet almond croissants everybody’s been carrying since the late 80s but filled with hazelnut paste instead of almond and without the teeth-ringing sugar content), and the Comte and thyme croissant (suuuuper savory with fresh thyme sprinkled on top at some point in te baking process and laminate-like layer of Comte cheese).