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Any self-respecting list of links to coffee-focused websites that doesn’t include Sprudge doesn’t really deserve all of that self-respect now does it?

I’m feeling (justifiably) better already.


Frsh Grnd


It’s logo (above) and the following snippet of the about page should tell you all you require to click through to Frsh Grnd.

My goal with this blog is to find the people making great coffee all around the world, and tell you how to get there, while sharing the experience

jimseven | James Hoffmann’s coffee blog.

jimseven | James Hoffmann’s coffee blog

James Hoffman is my coffee industry hero of sorts. Mr. Hoffman has an iconoclast’s bent but with his even-handed approach to what can be divisive issues — and in the close-knit and sometimes provincial world of specialty coffee, what can’t be? — and his focus on objective reasoning and passion for quantitative research, he is consistently a breath of reasoned fresh air in a world of too many strongly held opinions.

Hoffman was the World Barista Champion in 2007 and he’s also the owner of Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London, UK.