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The FE-AR “la peppina” vintage home espresso machine


CoffeeGeek & The amazing Speedster

CoffeeGeek & The amazing Speedster

If you’ve read much of anything here at all at Daniel of Arabica, you’ll notice there isn’t much about espresso. It’s not my forté. I love it – don’t get me wrong – and I’ve pulled my share of good (and bad) shots myself. A rich, sweet, buttery shot at San Francisco’s Sightglass or a smooth, caramelly shot of the Retrofit at Blue Bottle’s Ferry Building location, in the same city, are things of beauty. But here in “The Lab” at Daniel of Arabica, I’ve currently not the will nor the resources to give the art of espresso its rightful due.

That being said, there is no way, after reading CoffeeGeek’s enthusiastic and decidedly positive review (supplemented, it must be said, by some absolutely beautiful photography care of CoffeeGeek’s master of ceremonies Mark Prince) of Kees van der Westen’s stunningly gorgeous “Speedster” single-group espresso machine, that I’m not tempted to begin stashing away the money I’ll need to be able to buy one of these beauties.

Brewed elsewhere for November 7th

    Ground Rules – Asia’s Best Coffee

  • The Wall Street Journal talks coffee in Asia. Seemingly well researched – at least from a socio-economic-historical perspective – but I don’t think I would call Sumatra an obscure coffee growing region. Taiwan (I had no idea), Cuba? Sure, they’d qualify as relatively obscure in my book. Not Sumatra. Via theshot.coffeeratings.com
  • Illy brands itself through independent U.S. cafés

  • The Shot cuts through the cruft of those absurd Illy/Starbucks rumors: “Anytime someone tries to sell coffee in this country, the knee-jerk media presumption is that they’re going to ‘Take On Starbucks’™”.
  • Espresso Twists in Naples, Italy

  • And you thought the “house of mermaid” invented the frou-frou espresso beverage.