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Acid or Alkaline? What pH Means in Gardenspeak

A simple primer on pH, specifically for the gardener, but helpful for anyone interested in learning more about pH and what it means. Re: this conversation on Twitter

Update: My gut feeling is that ph’s relationship to the availability of nourishment to plants might be analogous to elements of a coffee being water soluble and therefore available to the brewed cup as elements of flavor and caffeine content, etc.

Feedback? Am I totally off base? Hit me up on the Twitter (see above).

Update II: OneNinetySeven, a coffee roaster out of Oakland, CA

@danapalooza Did you research pH and brewing further? I think your hypothesis might better apply to pre-brewing TDS in your water.

I have been poking around a bit. Both pH and TDS have their role to play and are seemingly interconnected…

Natural low pH indicates a lack of mineral in the water, so water will taste flat or bitter (it’s like drinking distilled water, which has a pH of about 5.5)

The love-hate of water and coffee brewing: Part One

…so it could be both. I just don’t know (yet) which is more important or if one is more important, more effectual to coffee flavor, than the other. Thanks for your prodding me. I’ll keep looking and updating.

Acid or Alkaline? What pH Means in Gardenspeak